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Finished - A nice 'n stretchy winter ensemble

Hello lovely people! Thankyou for the lovely wishes after my last post! Today I have a heady combination of regular and maternity stretchy-wear, one of my regular outfits in rotation at the moment - 4 garments all me-made! Amazingly these photos were taken today (thankyou Anna)! And blogged today! Its a miracle....

As mentioned in my last post it's been a particularly cold winter in Melbourne, and my survival strategy has involved many layers. All my winter jumpers/sweaters from last year are just at that point of starting to look weird as my belly grows, so cardigans are now my best friend, over warm long sleeve merino layers.

This is the Grainline Driftless cardigan. I held off buying this for a while, until I got to try on Jenny's and decided it was for me. I'm going to be very honest here and say most of the made up versions hadn't really inspired me. I feel like really drapey fabrics don't do the pattern justice - that great cocoon shape just gets hidden and t…

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